Strange Dance, North North (舞勇伝キタキタ, Buuyuuden Kita Kita) is a manga written by Hiroyuki Etō. A spin-off to the Mahoujin Guru Guru manga featuring Old Man Kitakita as the protagonist.


In Koremo Village lies a legend of a mythical beast called "Kita Kita" with a warning to never awaken it. Chiki, a boy who aspires to become a hero like the legendary hero he idolizes, tries to summon the legendary beast, only to discover its identity is none other than Old Man Kitakita. As the usual reaction by many, Chiki strays away from him only to be aspired after saving the village from a monster attack with his "dancing," and asks to adventure with him. They are joined by Princess Ruda who wishes to save her kingdom after those in the castle were petrified by a magician name Gagaru.