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Magical Circle Guru Guru (魔法陣グルグ, Mahōjin Guru Guru) is a Japanese manga by Hiroyuki Etō, which was serialized in Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan from 1992 to 2003. It later gained an anime adaptation on October 13, 1994. A second manga series was serialized in Gangan Online in 2012.


The overall goal of the main characters, Nike and Kukuri, is to defeat Lord Giri, the ruler of the darkness. Mahōjin Guru Guru is a light-hearted series aimed at older children; containing occasional toilet gags and some innuendo that might startle western parents. The series is a parody of early RPGs from the 90s, particularly turn-based games such as Dragon Quest.

  • One of the main comical elements is the narrator speaking in place of the dialog in such games.
  • Early traditional RPG-style information boxes are displayed on screen with accompanying narration.