Magical Circle Guru Guru (魔法陣グルグル, Mahōjin Guru Guru) is a reboot of the original 1994 anime following the original manga series. It was produced by Production I.G Studios and aired from July 11 to December 19, 2017. It was streamed for English release on Crunchyroll.




  1. Departure! Boering Village!
  2. Dance! North Town!
  3. Battle! On Saw Mountain!
  4. Off to the Training House!
  5. Rescue! Dohgma Village!
  6. A Rival Appears! Yondor Village!
  7. Discovery! The Fairy Forest!
  8. Reunion! Cattongue Valley!
  9. Mystery! Ruins of the Migu Migu Clan!
  10. Clearing the Endless Tower!
  11. Apprenticeship! Copa`s Forest!
  12. Fight! Copahl Castle!
  13. Legends! Tellum Village!
  14. Enigmatic! Alahabica!
  15. Love! In the Uncanny Lands!
  16. Defense! The Panfos Ruins!
  17. Beat It! Erueru Village!
  18. Bloom! The Land of Flowers!
  19. Sing! The Tower of Batoha!
  20. Escape! Lef Island!
  21. Revived! Demon King Giri!
  22. Sneaking In! The Jitari Ruins!
  23. Battle! Giri`s Castle!
  24. Engaged! A Heart in Love!


  • It is the first Guru Guru anime to receive an official English release.