Old Man Kitakita (whose real name Udberg Eldol) is the mayor of North Town. He became the "very" unofficial member of Nike and Kukuri's party as he trails them much to their dismay.


When the town's traditional Kita Kita dance could no longer be performed because no more girls were born, he started dancing it himself as believed it was the result of a curse for commercializing the dance. His dance is often regarded as creepy and disgusting by everyone in accordance to his hula dress appearance. Wanting to pass on the Kita Kita dance to the next generation in search for trainees, he follows Nike and Kukuri to their and everyone's disgust and offending off any excuse the Old Man makes.


  • Enormous Hit Points: To everyone's shock, the old man has enormous HP that makes him nearly immortal and capable to sustain extreme levels of abuse (a common running gag).
  • Musculanity His continuous dancing built up his muscles, making him able to defeat monsters in one punch (by accident).


  • His abnormal HP if 1650 refers to the (staggering 1650 in the "Pickle of Happiness").